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Arky Vaughan

Hall of Famer Arky Vaughan was one of the greatest shortstops ever. He played 14 years in the majors with a batting average of .318, which puts him at # 59 on the all-time list for career batting average. Honus Wagner, generally considered the greatest shortstop of all time, is nine points higher, and Derek Jeter finished at .310 in 20 seasons. Wagner had played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and was a coach for the Pirates during most of Vaughan's time with the team, giving Vaughan help on hitting. He made nine straight All-Star teams and had the highest single-season average of any 20th Century NL shortstop. Not just a singles hitter, he was routinely among the league leaders in numerous categories. Bill James rated Vaughan as the #2 shortstop in MLB history, yet it took him decades to make it to Cooperstown.

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